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Next-Gen Consoles  v.1.0

E3 Expo 2005 Next-Gen Consoles icon package(16): XBOX360 Playstation3 Revolution .


Next Gen block dropping puzzler! You think you mastered tetris? The cubes are back in two fantastic modes of play to take you to even greater heights of fun and excitement. Compete on the world wide Hall of Fame to become the Grand Master Caboodler.


Avert Fate  v.1.0

Fight off killer droids and airborn drones with heavy weaponry, while exploring a next-gen environment. Can you beat the gigantic boss robot in a final, earth-shaking battle?

Multiblocks  v.1 3

Next-Gen quality inspired by Tetris, Lumines, Jigsaw Puzzle, Blockout and match three - compilation of six unique tetromino based games. Each game is different and has its own rules. Each game has six modes so you can choose your own way of playing.

SetupS SendTo Suite  v.

SetupS SendTo Suite is the most current release of our favorite next-gen silent installer.This one is recommended on systems that already have SetupS installed. It'll also work on new/fresh OS installs.

CrimeCraft  v.0.25.06

CrimeCraft is a persistent world next-gen shooter (PWNS) that seamlessly blends gripping, action-packed shootouts with the irresistible community and role-playing elements exclusive to today's hottest massively multiplayer games.

Space Settlers  v.1.5

Space Settlers is a free online multi-player next-gen style Sci-Fi game for iOS iPhone, iPod and iPad, featuring "mecha combat and real-time strategy", with splendid color and cinematographic scenes. It is diverse and easy to play.

PAICE  v.2.90

PAICE (Rapid pathway visualization) is a pathway-visualization tool to help you with your work. PAICE is a rapid bioinformatics pathway visualization tool for KEGG-compatible accessions derived from Illumina Solexa next-gen and Affymetrix datasets.

TASE: Illumina Solexa annotation  v.1.5.1

Annotation tool for Solexa datasets. A bioinformatics tool for the annotation and tag-counting of next-gen Illumina Solexa datasets. TASE works with any CASAVA build, providing annotation, tag counts and visualization in a rapid manner.Requirements:

Accelerophone  v.

The accelerophone is the most innovative next-gen music instrument yet. It uses your phone's accelerometer and gyroscope as a way to explore music. The app contains three modes, the theremin mode, the percussion mode and the loop mode. The theremin

XBOX One ScreenSaver  v.1.0.0

With only the best images of the upcomming XBOX One, show your love for the newest next-gen console from Microsoft by making this your screen saver. With over 10 different shots of the XBOX One, protect your screen with style!

Notepage  v.1.0

The next-gen text editor with +more features than a normal notepad-like editor offering cool and smart features like case conversion, space trimming, tab sizes and more.

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